What Is Periscope? What You Need To Know About Twitter’s New App

For what it’s worth, my prediction is myeye will be the big one of these apps in the future – they have the investment and the design nous to make a really beautiful app that can be used by all manner of audiences. Users can, for example, schedule broadcasts for later and also embed those broadcasts into websites or blog posts – meaning that you could have a decided space or page on your site showing when the next broadcast is coming up. While they are watching, viewers can write comments and questions as well as being able to shower you with digital hearts if they are particularly pleased by what they see. A world map gives you an overview of ‘Periscopes’ that are live across the world at that moment, so if you are particular intrigued as to what Rayan is up to in Bouchamps-Les-Caraon, then by all means join him. Once downloaded you can sync with your twitter or Facebook account and you’re off.

Companies can get their message over to the audience quickly using video, because it tells a story far more easily than a page of words. ‘or select specific people to invite.’ Only these people can interact with your broadcast and no one can share it if you don’t want them to. We are still learning about the art of creating live broadcasts that are interesting and valuable to our audience. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our coverage or if you would like us to film a specific topic or aspect of our work then you can contact us. Along with watching live streams, Periscope also allows you to like what you see on the screen by sending hearts to the broadcaster and it’s also possible to send live comments on any given broadcast.

You don’t need to include #Periscope in your title as the app will include this automatically. Now that we have changed the relevant settings, it is time to start a new live stream. Press on the red camera icon on the bottom right of the screen where you will see a screen like this. Press “Log in with Twitter” and allow the app to access your Twitter account .

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Once the video is broadcasted on Periscope, it is automatically saved and the same can be easily replayed. There is a time limit for replaying, that is until 24 hours after the video is initially broadcasted. After 24 hours, the video is removed, but you do get the option to save the same to your phone.

After developing your aims for the campaign, the next step is to create a set of guidelines for the campaign. Regardless of the size of a business it is quite possible that there will be more than one person working on the project at any given time so it is important that everybody is reading from the same hymn sheet.

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You can also tag people in photos, and mention people in comments using the @ symbol and their username. You can also ‘check’in’ and share the location of where your photo/video was taken. Snapchat is an app that let’s you share photos and videos with friends. The images only last for a few seconds, then they automatically delete. You can also create a Snapchat Story that is a collection of several photos and videos shown together, that will stay ‘live’ for 24 hours, and then delete.

It is a live video streaming application developed by Twitter through which you can go live from your mobile device and stream videos from anywhere around the world. The feature isn’t a surprise move for Facebook to make, since Periscope has a very similar feature, periscope live map which pinpoints the geographic location of live broadcasts as they’re taking place. The difference is that Facebook’s Live Map is available on desktop, and importantly, its live video content has the potential to reach to an audience of 1.65 billion users.

Once you have logged in, you will see a feed of all of the latest highlights that have been active on Periscope. Thursday’s iOS update lets iPhone users tap the “Global” section to explore live broadcasts via an interactive map. You can now watch the most recent broadcasts from around the world — and maybe even get inspired for your next vacation.

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Also, these Super Hearts can be sent only using the Periscope app , not through Twitter app or Periscope.tv. Once you finish broadcasting your scope, you can also save the video stream to your camera roll. Hence, even when your stream expires, you can still maintain its record. “Following” functionality in Periscope is much the same as in Instagram or Facebook. To enhance your engagement in this app, you can follow the right people and have them follow you back. You can then comment on their broadcasts and the same will be appearing in your Watch Tab for 24 hours. For example, 70 million people uploaded Ice Bucket Challenge videos to the platform.

  • A Tweet or a Facebook post used to be the way that brands would share news with their followers before the rise of video marketing.
  • As many of the friends of Glencraig Gospel Hall will be aware, we would normally have a conference for Bible teaching on the last day of the year.
  • If you choose to tweet, people can watch the video on their Twitter timeline, and retweet your link to stream to their audience, so there could be a plethora of people watching your video.
  • I first came across Periscope when I saw a tweet from Radio 1 DJ, Huw Stevens.
  • Only time will tell who wins this battle, but for businesses, Facebook Live may have snatched the gold.
  • Facebook Live gives your audience the chance to ask you any questions they may have and receive an answer in real time.
  • Sometimes your viewers just want to have a bit of fun and in this day and age of social media, you never know what’s going to go viral.

Unlike the social media providers they don’t tend to put as many limitations on what you do , but some will charge you extra to unlock additional services. Often called ‘giveaways’, live streamers may take part in promotional marketing whether by themselves or in partnership with a brand. This type of marketing activity is extensively covered by the CAP Code. When a brand also has editorial control over the content, the ASA can apply the CAP Code as well.

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The prevalence of ads on the desktop view compared to the full browser may put some viewers off, and although the landscape filming makes for easy viewing, it is not responsive like Periscope. The same option of broadcasting or recording a reel is available in the filming mode, and reels are saved to the camera roll and posted in the app for 24 hours.

periscope live map

Check out this amazing example from The Gym Group – they held a live Zumba class at one of their gyms and amassed over 90,000 views. If you’re heading somewhere interesting, Facebook Live gives you a great opportunity to take your followers along for the ride. Drum up interest by letting them know in advance that you’ll be attending and broadcasting live from the event. They’ll appreciate the free pass and it will make exciting viewing for your broadcast. Beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics held a live broadcast educating people on how to tint their eyebrows. Almost 23,000 views later, it’s safe to say it was a popular broadcast. If you’re stuck for tutorial ideas, or not sure that you have the knowledge to create one – why not invite a guest speaker to do it for you?

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Periscope is Twitter’s new, live streaming app that allows users to live-broadcast from anywhere in the world. Users can also watch other people’s live stream if their feed is public. Periscope is the latest video streaming platform taking social media by storm. Owned by Twitter and only running a few Trader Assistant Development months, it’s soon predicted to rival Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. You can live broadcast videos to your followers on Periscope and Twitter anywhere around the globe in real time. Viewers can engage with you by tapping the screen sending hearts or freely pop into the conversation by commenting.

A word of warning, though, make sure you don’t record any copyrighted material. The app landed in hot water when people streamed the fifth season premiere of Game periscope live map of Thrones and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Primarily scale, there are 1.6 billion users on Facebook that will be able to access your live stream feed.

No one predicted the applications that these platforms would come to be used for, and there will be a period of evolution for Periscope as well. Simple common sense and caution is best, like anything, and if any sector has the agility and track record riding the crest of the technology wave, arguably it is broadcasting.

Choose a private broadcast to share with specific followers to practice your online personality and presentation, so that you’ll be comfortable and communicate with ease when it comes time for your first public broadcast. The publicity around myeye was the real inspiration for this blog post. While the interest around live streaming apps had laid dormant for a while, an injection of David Beckham onto the scene stirred everyone’s interest once more. Beckham invested in the start up because he saw them as the future of social, which to be fair they legitimately could be. In the app you can see if anyone you are following is currently live streaming and you are also offered up some ‘featured content’.

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As audience members at live sporting events such as Wimbledon, organisers are starting to ask ticket-holders to agree not to stream on Periscope. The main difference between Periscope and a reporter doing a live cross on the scene is interactivity – viewers can comment and ask questions. And it’s findable and sharable in the social media haystack in the way that a TV or online live news channel is not. Crucially Periscope broadcasts can be found and watched again after the event. Periscope and Meerkat led the march towards live video for all, with competing launches in 2015. The apps quickly captured a mass market – allowing users to stream live videos of whatever they were doing. Last year, Twitter launched the app, allowing users to broadcast live, globally or specifically, to selected people.

periscope live map

Continuing its foray to crush its competitors in the live video market, Facebook has made another enhancement to its Live Video feature. The platform recently rolled out a visual and interactive map that allows users to snoop-in on and discover live video content, from around the world. Before the recent update, users could find live content via notifications from those periscope live map they already followed. The second thing to consider is the difference between push and pull notifications. Streaming live events and content could give your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation. Live streamed events whether it’s a webinar, conference or just an informal tutorial chat are not something that is being used by many organisations.

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Options to save, share, enable the torch and enable geolcation are all available before and during the stream, and viewers can comment, like, share or flag streams. What’s more, Meerkat zooms in on a seemingly arbitrary segment of the video when viewed on desktop, rendering the stream all but unwatchable. Meerkat streams are not saved within the app either, although you are given the option to download a video to camera roll afterwards. Signing in with Twitter, users can connect to contacts on Twitter and watch current livestreams. There is also the option to schedule a livestream for some point in the next 24 hours or start streaming immediately. The ‘people’ section lets you manage who you are connected with and find popular accounts, but the central broadcast button is the business end.

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